Chaucer, Pilgrim Poet - 2015-16
chaucer by samholland
Geoffrey Chaucer, 1343-1400, author of The Canterbury Tales. Commissioned by Canterbury Commemoration Society.
Bronze 2m high. Life and a quarter
To be unveiled in Canterbury High Street, October 2016.
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Bishop John Whitgift - 2012
whitgfift by samholland
Bishop John Whitgift 1530-1604, Archbishop of Canterbury from 1583 to his death. Founder of Whitgift School Croydon.
Bronze 2m high. Life and a quarter
Unveiled by the Duke of York, October 2013.
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William McGregor - Opened 28th November 2009
William McGregor
William McGregor, 1846-1911, Founder of the Football League. Commissioned by Aston Villa football club and the Supporters Trust.
Bronze 2m high. Life and a quarter
Unveiled inside the ground of Villa Park by Lord Mawhinney - Current chairman of the football league on 28th of November 2009.
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Army/Land Forces Headquarters - Proposed Sculpture Andover
Shortlisted for this prestigious commission September 2007
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Jemma - bronze 2008
This is a portrait of Jemma a beautiful girl whose proud parents commissioned me to create this sculpture after her death in Feb 2006.
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Bob Marshall - Andrews QC MP - bronze 2004
Bob Marshal Andrews
Bob Marshall - Andrews QC MP. A lifesize portrait bust of the well known MP
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Nick Day - bronze 1999
Nick Day Bronze Sculpture
Nick Day is an eminent doctor at The Adenbrokes Hospital in Cambridge. When deciding on a pose for a portrait, I find it really useful to spend some time talking to the family. Nick's family told me that he was always reading, with his head on one side. This is how he posed for me.
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Ballerina - bronze 2000
Ballerina Sculpture
The Ballerina was a commission for Mr Peter Hardy.
I enjoyed finding the power and strength in this commission.
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Kings Shield - cold cast bronze 1996
Kings Shield
This commission for Kings School Rochester, is based on the schools own shield. I have incorporated different facets of the schools achievements within the four quarters of the shield; music, sport, academia and the cathedral. An enthusiastic student stands in their mist, pulling the themes together.
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Clary the Cow - cold cast bronze 2001
Concrete Cow
This was a commission for a family home that used to be a dairy farm.
I wanted to create the impression of a cow grazing thus referring to the farms past.
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"The overwhelming challenge for me personally is to capture a sense of movement within any medium. I try to create a powerful physical image which in turn evokes emotion within the piece and, hopefully, the viewer." Sam Holland

"There are so many threads to draw together to achieve a final goal - my creativity is irrelevant if it cannot be translated into the practical. It's also vital to work closely with the client so that I can interpret their vision too," Sam said.