Stone Face - portland stone 1991
Stone Face
Stone face - stone carving inspired by African Masks.
A prominent theme during my third year at college.
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Pass the pigs - plaster & oil paint 1994
Pass the pigs
Inspired by the game 'Pass the Pigs' and a particularly 'pig like man I once met'. A portrait of this man is severed by layers of pigs ears, giving the impression of a flower from across the room - becoming obvious the nearer one gets to the piece.
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Angel Baby - plaster & oil paint 1993
angel baby
Inspired by the cherubs of Grinling Gibbons and once called 'Who ate all the pies'.
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Mrs Holmes - 1990
mrs holmes
A portrait of a very generous and kind old lady who had a lovely crooked smile.
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Featherhead - 1991
featherhead A head inspired by the feather masks of South America.
Made of wire and feathers and suspended from the ceiling.
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The Sea - Direct Steel 10ft x 5ft 1990
A Storm at Sea in metalwork, welded from 5mm plate
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Throughout her career, Sam has particularly enjoyed working as part of a team. She experienced in liasing with architects, engineers, landscapers, property developers and steel fabricators. She is also familiar with aspects of health and safety regulations.

Sam is now available for commissions and is happy to arrange an informal preliminary meeting to discuss clients' requirements