Commissions - Stainless Steel

Savage God - 2010
Save God by samholland
Portrait study in stainless steel
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Kicker - 2013
kicker by samholland
Portrait study of Rugby player in stainless steel
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Polyphemus - 2014
polyphemus by samholland
Commission for Wetherspoons in stainless steel
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Perdita - Stainless Steel 2006
7 ft stainless steel commission for client in Spain
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Building Bridges - Gateway to Yorkshire
Dic Evans Memorial Sculpture
This is a current project of an iconic work of public art for 'Gateway to Yorkshire' A sculpture to commemorate the building of the magnificent Humber Bridge in the East Riding of Yorkshire, and to celebrate the communities within the area. The figures at 8m would stand as beacons at the approach to the county.
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Ballet dancers inspired by Sylvie Guillem and the ballet boyz.
This sculpture celebrating the strength power and poise of the dancer.
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"The overwhelming challenge for me personally is to capture a sense of movement within any medium. I try to create a powerful physical image which in turn evokes emotion within the piece and, hopefully, the viewer." Sam Holland

"There are so many threads to draw together to achieve a final goal - my creativity is irrelevant if it cannot be translated into the practical. It's also vital to work closely with the client so that I can interpret their vision too," Sam said.